Cloud management for banks & fintechs

It’s not easy for finservs to keep up with consumer demand, scalability and security challenges.

From cloud infrastructure to applications, Taikun automates and streamlines any Finserv digitization.

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Build, deploy and scale up new applications quickly

No installation, no setup, no deep tech know-how required. 

Prod or Dev environments in any public or private cloud with self-service for your teams in minutes. Safe and completely under control.

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Cloud Management for banks, fintechs & financial services

Easy cloud k8s and VM deployment

Taikun makes it very easy to deploy new k8s or VMs into the cloud. So startups can choose the cloud provider of their preference and create new machines in a few easy steps. Taikun currently supports Google Cloud, AWS, Azure and OpenStack.

Backup capabilities

During the early stages of a startup, even one major disaster can prove fatal. So, they need a robust disaster management setup to save crucial Kubernetes infrastructure and avoid data loss. Taikun provides this backup facility out-of-the-box using Velero.

Monitoring capabilities

Efficient monitoring capability can prevent many crises in a startup. Taikun does exactly that for your Kubernetes infrastructure. Taikun uses Grafana and Prometheus in the backend to capture and present logs in a more human-readable format.

Alert management

Startups experiment. With experimentation, comes a lot of changes to the infrastructures and varying points of failure. We understand that. So, we built a world-class alert management system for your cloud infrastructure.

Events feature

Many startups in their early stages may not have separate cloud teams. There would be some technical person who doubles as a Cloud engineer. So, Taikun provides a summarised colour-coded view of the logs called as Events view. This helps the user to get a quick overview of what’s happening with their infrastructure.

User management

Another key need that Taikun fulfils for startups is robust user management. Taikun provides exceptionally granular level of access control over all the users that get created on the system. Taikun offers three types of users to control accessibility - User, Manager and Partner.

Kubeconfig management

Kubeconfigs are a very quick and effective way to organise information about clusters, users, namespaces, and authentication mechanisms. Taikun provides the ability to not only create new kubeconfigs but also have a common dashboard to view and manage all such kubeconfigs.

Upgrade and Repair

It is common to have failures of pods or clusters in a large infrastructure. Startups often do not have a large team of cloud experts to come and troubleshoot their system. Taikun provides a basic level of troubleshooting mechanism within the dashboard.


What our customers say

“Taikun really excels at navigating their customers in the digital transformation journey. If you're looking experts to advise on your next move on Kubernetes and VM Management, just go for it.”

“We needed a way to show our senior leadership team that marketing was producing results, and that’s hard when your metrics are scattered. This dashboard saved the day.”

“Our team has been working with Taikun for a few months, but we have already felt the impact of our cloud management. We confidently recommended and will continue to recommend Taikun to our partners.”


What are containers?


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Start or scale your multi-cloud infrastructure



free for a month

Users: ∞
Projects: ∞
Servers: ∞
Cloud credentials: ∞


You can test Taikun without any limitations for one month completely free. Invite your colleges to deploy multi-cloud and have unlimited experience. After one month you can switch to different subscription if you want.




billed monthly

Users: 10
Projects: 5
Servers: 25
Cloud credentials: ∞

If you already have your own small development team and need to increase its efficiency and speed up the automation, start with this subscription level. Taikun does not limit its features in any way and you will always have access to the full bundle of features. Start risk-free with a 30 days trial.



billed monthly

Users: 25
Projects: 15
Servers: 75
Cloud credentials: ∞

Larger enterprises needs more users, different types of cloud environments and more clusters, this package is ideal for you. Thanks to our management features, you will have a full overview and visibility around your cloud infra. Your engineers will be more efficient with Taikun.


Need clarification?

What is Taikun?

Taikun is an Apps, Kubernetes and VM Management as a Service for Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds that can save 75% time of your DevOps team. 

How can I take my first steps with Taikun?

If you are completely new to Taikun, you can use our extensive documentation to get started today. See the full tutorial by clicking here.

How much is it to get started with Taikun?

What is so great about Taikun over its competitors?

With Taikun, you can deploy your Kubernetes clusters in minutes with a few clicks. and manage your Cloud platform for easy deployment of Apps without any annoying low-level settings of ports, networks etc. Taikun will do it all for you. If you still have questions, we'll be happy to answer them. Just ask for a demo by clicking here.

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